• J.J.P. Talonskei

The Second Installment Project

The second installment project for the Renaissance of Destiny series I'm writing has a name ( BLOOD & REVENGE ). Now we follow the white dragon, Weltheron, on a whole new adventure as well as into greater peril than before.

I'm currently working on the second installment. I want to take a step up with greater suspense and revealing to readers, how much more there is to explore in this world where dragons rule the skies.

Spoiler alert if you haven't read the prelude to the Renaissance of Destiny. At the end of the first book, we are left with Weltheron as Lord of the Dragon Hive in Ëmerel-DUL. We learn that the creator of his world was secretly disguised as one of the Three Magicians (Ëmerels) that keep a watchful eye over the land. Semper, who is deity over all, has chosen the most unpredictable and feared to stamp out the evil that has made its way into his creation, and that task has fallen on Weltheron the White, who was altered from his kind's menacing ways, and transformed into a frost-breathing dragon who now seeks to do right.

J.J.P. Talonskei

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