Meet The Author

     J.J.P. Talonskei is an author and artist, who at a young age, had a vibrant imagination, and a passion for Dragon fantasy. Growing up, he was verbally bullied. Other kids would say negative things that would in a sense, burn him up inside, almost like fire-breathing dragons. He knew what it felt like to be looked down on by others and instead of following that same bad example, he chose instead, to lift others up (to protect) them through the words he spoke. This would, later on, inspire him to write a Dragon series, which he called the Renaissance of Destiny.

     In his first installment of the Dragon series he’s writing, called Weltheron: The Winter Destiny, a person can only help but relate their pain and suffering, as well as their love of adventure in this exhilarating epic that J.J.P. Talonskei created himself. The author currently resides in Manhattan, Illinois. When he’s not swept away in his own world of fantasy that he calls, Ёmerel-DUL, he is playing basketball, which is his favorite sport and watching action movies, both of which he enjoys doing during his leisure time.  


     “I want to send a message to all those kids who have been bullied, whether physically, verbally or socially. If you think you aren’t right and there’s just something wrong with you, you’re wrong! If anything, you are perfect the way you are! Don’t let what others say about you, affect how you view yourself because one day, someone will need you and only you to help lift them from the burden of apathy.”     

J.J.P. Talonskei  

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